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New Degree Program: Applied Polymer Engineering

Starting from WS 24/25.

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Information of pre-study internship.



New Study Plan

The Study in Video Overview

The video provides an overview of the plastics and elastomer engineering degree program. Professors introduce you to the bachelor's degree program at THWS, the Technische Hochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Students share insights from their practice-oriented studies at the Würzburg campus and from the practical semester.



Interested in Studying?

School is coming to an end - what now? Do you enjoy technology? Would you like to experience a subject with a lot of practical experience rather than just cramming theory? A degree programme that is broadly based and allows you to choose a versatile career?

A video created by students in the 6th semester as part of a project assignment, addressing the issue of "environmental pollution caused by plastic." This video discusses the risks associated with the careless handling of plastic waste, as well as the opportunities presented by a responsible and sustainable approach to plastics.

Design exercise with 3D CAD system on PC
Design exercise with 3D CAD system on PC


Do you want to responsibly shape the future with plastics?

Then you've come to the right place:

Study Plastics and Elastomer Engineering at THWS!


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