Process simulation

Laboratory management

Prof. Ansgar Jaeger

Responsible employees

Berthold Dittmann

  • The simulation of product properties and process control has become an integral part of everyday industrial life. The university has 30 licences for the Moldflow Ultimate Synergy simulation program for process simulation. As part of a group project in the sixth and seventh semesters, you will work with another student on a moulded part and tool design that is supported by the simulation. To do this, you will first be familiarised with the operation of the programme in computer rooms and then work in a team to develop a meaningful process assessment for the moulded part you have designed.

Figure 01: Students in the computer room
Figure 01: Students in the computer room


  • C.2.05


  • Software programme:
    Autodesk Moldflow Synergy Ultimate with 30 licences